Poster: Soup spoon


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Poster with Kay Bojesen’s original sketch of the Grand Prix Boullion spoon in profile and the bowl of the spoon from above. Kay drew and measured all of the Grand Prix cutlery meticulously before creating them, and oftentimes the drawings were made with a divider. This sketch was found by the family after Kay Bojesen’s death, and was made as a poster for the Kay Bojesen exhibition at the museum of Sophienholm in June 2014.

The sketch is glued onto blue handmade paper with clovers, and the small circles to the right was Kay’s own notes regarding measurements and item numbers. The small sticker in the right corner with the text “Kay Bojesen Eneret” was put on by Kay to protect his drawings from replica.

A2 poster with Kay Bojesen’s original drawings. Measures 42 cm x 59,4 cm. Color: Blue and Sand, matte