Grand Prix Cutlery Set · 70-year anniversary

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To mark the 70-year anniversary of the Grand Prix cutlery, we have put together a bag of 32 pieces, both for the budding collector and for those interested in complementing an existing collection.

The cutlery set comprises:

Grand Prix Cutlery Set · 70-year anniversary – Polished steel
708 460
Grand Prix Cutlery Set · 70-year anniversary – Matt steel
708 460

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Grand Prix Cutlery Set · 70-year anniversary

The world expo Triennale di Milano was in 1951 the foremost venue for presenting and marketing the newest and best design from all over the world.

Kay Bojesen participated with his silver cutlery that included no less than 57 different parts. All shaped and adapted to the well-spread tables of the time. Back then, many dishes had their own custom-designed cutlery pieces, for instance an asparagus fork, a small cream spoon or a sardine fork.

The cutlery received much positive attention and took home the Grand Prix first prize.

Kay Bojesen was both happy and proud to return to Copenhagen with his silver cutlery in his suitcase; so proud that he upon his return named the cutlery Grand Prix.

In the subsequent years, it became possible to produce the cutlery in steel, which offered many more the opportunity to eat using well-crafted, beautiful and functional tools.

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