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On this page you will find a selection of the most popular company gift solutions offered from Kay Bojesen’s assortment of products that are suitable for Christmas gifts and anniversary gifts for companies of all sizes.

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Grand Prix caviar spoon

Besides Kay Bojesen’s prizewinning collection of Grand prix cutlery for all meals, he has also created a number of multifunctional pieces of serving cutlery.

Amongst these, you will find the smallest member of the Grand Prix-family. Although it is named ‘salt spoon’, it works just as perfectly for caviar and other small servings.

The small salt spoon is designed by Kay Bojesen as part of the Grand Prix series. The spoon measures 6.9 cm and is available in polished and matte stainless steel.

The spoon was originally created to fit in a small salt cellar with flake salt. However, it is just as suitable for getting around the small glass with roe, for serving a delicate amount of mustard or sharp sauce with the food, for sprinkling dry spices, and of course as part of the table setting for all the dinner guests who are going to enjoy a bite of caviar.  

527 / 527p

Grand Prix fish cutlery

Some of the more specialized Grand Prix cutlery pieces are intelligently designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. The cutlery for fish and shellfish are excellent examples of this.

Kay Bojesen’s fish fork, fish knife and lobster fork measure respectively 17, 19 and 19.7 cm. All the pieces are part of the Grand Prix series and are available in polished and matte stainless steel.

The fish fork and -knife are perfect for handling especially flat fish, where the sharp point of the knife is made for filleting fish. The fork’s unique tines are equally useful, and just as decorative at other meals. The lobster fork is shaped in the same functional and elegant manner, where both ends can be used for shellfish and side dishes.

105 / 105p

Customised corporate gifts for your business

Kay Bojesen offers many options for adding a personal touch to your corporate gifts. Get your company’s logo engraved on steel and porcelain products. Add a more exclusive finish in gold or a colour of your choice to interior product in steel. Or have the packaging for selected products personalized with a message or logo.

Customised corporate gifts for your business

Kay Bojesen offers many options for adding a personal touch to your corporate gifts. Get your company’s logo engraved on steel and porcelain products. Add a more exclusive finish in gold or a colour of your choice to interior products in steel. Or have the packaging for selected products personalized with a message or logo.

WING dishes

The oblong dishes are available in four sizes, which are ideal for small appetisers, shared courses and desserts. They fit on top of most dinner plates and bowls for an elegant and creative table setting.

The WING dishes are available with lengths of respectively 20, 30, 40 and 55 cm. All are hand-dipped in white porcelain.

The dishes have gotten their shape from a tray in teak wood, which Kay Bojesen designed in the 1950’s, made to fit a silver fish dish on top of it.

The tray was relanched in 2017 in porcelain, which opened for a wide range of new uses, both as part of the table setting and for storage.

204 / 216 / 217 / 218

Polished steel plate 

The beautiful shiny plate adds an extraordinary touch to any serving. Use it for presenting desserts or appetisers and let the colours of the food be reflected in the polished steel.

Combine with any piece of Grand Prix cutlery in polished steel to make the serving complete.

The deep plate in polished stainless steel has a diameter of 16.3 cm and is designed by Kay Bojesen.

The elegant plate is beautiful for both soups, appetisers, breakfast and desserts, where it mirrors the colours of its content, and adds a festive touch to the table setting or picnic.

251p / 552p

NEST bowl

Polished stainless steel is the material that best resembles Kay Bojesen’s original silver designs.

With its reflections, the bowl in polished stainless steel lights up any corner of your home.

The NEST bowl is available in two sizes: Ø27 cm and Ø23 cm, in either complete polished stainless steel, as well as with a polished inside and a black exterior.

The design is created by Kay Bojesen, and was originally shaped in silver. The polished steel has similar shiny and reflective qualities, which originally captivated Kay Bojesen, when he created the bowl for strawberries. The stainless material can be used in the kitchen or for decoration in the home.

260p / 261p

NEST porcelain bowl 

Kay Bojesen’s porcelain pieces are hand-dipped in a thick white glaze. This contributes to a tight and functional look, that simultaneously adds a warm and soft feeling.

The NEST bowl is hand-dipped in white porcelain and measures 24 cm in diameter. The shape is created by Kay Bojesen, originally for a bowl in silver.

The practical shape makes the NEST bowl especially suitable for serving warm dishes, because it retains heat well due to the curving of the sides. The bowl is also ovenproof and can go in the dishwasher.

Besides that, the porcelain bowl is a beautiful addition to the nooks of the home, where the soft silhouette adds a decorative dimension to the room.


VISTA – vase & candle holder

The versatility of this combined vase and candleholder allows for a varied and personal expression, leaving it up to you whether to use it merely as a candleholder, a vase for seasonal flowers or a combination of both.
The appearance of the vase can be customised with endless variations, depending on how it is used, the season and your personal style.

Enjoy creating beautiful, simple centerpieces, showing off each flower or candle from all angles, to their best advantage.

The VISTA vase is available in matte stainless steel, polished stainless steel and black stainless steel. The three cylinders have heights of respectively 14, 19 and 24 cm.

Another dimension has been added to Kay Bojesen’s original design allowing for multifunctional use. In each cylinder is a steel insert, which can be taken out to be cleaned for candle wax or be refilled with water.

230 / 231 / 232


In the beginning of the 20th century, Kay Bojesen shaped an entire bar series in silver. 

The original silverware has been relaunched in polished stainless steel, giving the bar series a characterizing sleek, sophisticated look.

410 / 310 / 554

Shake it

The centerpiece of the bar series is the iconic shaker, which sits perfectly and securely in your hand. 

The combination of its beautiful, rounded silhouette with the festive polished steel finish makes it a delicate piece of barware, upgrading any bar.

The shaker consists of three pieces, is shaped in polished stainless steel, and can hold up to 90 cl liquid. 

The unique dimensions and round silhouette makes it possible to use the shaker in just one hand, whilst it still holds an impressive volume.


Drinking glass

The glass has a unique rounded shape, fits perfectly in any hand, and is suitable for a glass of chilled water as well as a fresh whiskey sour.

The shape of the glass has its origin from Kay Bojesen’s design for a whiskey beaker in silver, which has been increased slightly in size. The glass holds a volume of 20 cl and comes in a 2-pack.


Cocktail mixers

The right tools make the difference. The cocktail spoon and -mixer are excellent for combining any drink and adding garnish, and the latte spoon is the trusty companion for any refreshment served in a tall glass.

The cocktail spoon and cocktail mixer have been shaped in polished stainless steel, and match the rest of the bar-series. Both pieces have a length of 25.5 cm and are designed by Kay Bojesen.

526 / 412 / 411

Wine cooler and tray 

The wine- and bottle cooler’s exceptional shape and spaciousness makes it suitable for holding one or two bottles. The design is both sleek and soft, and made in exquisite, reflecting steel, meaning that it always adds a little something extra to the table.

Kay Bojesen’s stunning silver tray has been re-introduced in polished steel. By mimicking the look and reflectiveness of the original silver, it adds an exclusive and festive touch to any setting or serving. Let it be used as a decorative element in the bar, for serving drinks or to plate small appetisers and snacks on.

The wine cooler has a unique shape that is perfect for two bottles. It is created in polished stainless steel and has a height of 20 cm. The tray is also made in polished stainless steel and measures Ø29 cm. 

Both pieces are designed by Kay Bojesen, originally in silver. The tray looks like its predecessor 1:1, whereas the shape of the wine cooler was originally made for a sauce bowl, which has been enlarged. 

224 / 420

Ice bucket

The elegant ice bucket combines rounded silhouettes with clean, straight edges. Its clever dimensions hold a volume of 1.5 liters. 

The design makes it easy to always be ready for serving anything on the rocks, ice-cold and in style.

The exclusive ice bucket holds a volume of 1.5 liters and is made in polished stainless steel with a wooden knob. The ice bucket is designed by Kay Bojesen.


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