Kay Bojesen showroom

Kay Bojesens showroom is located at Nikolaj Plads in the heart of Copenhagen. Here you are able to experience Kay Bojesen’s design universe in charming and unique surroundings, receive guidance on the products, and be amongst the first to have a closer look at the latest news from Kay Bojesen. 


Kay Bojesen showroom at Stone
Nikolaj Plads 7, 1067 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 33 11 88 08
E-mail: kontakt@stone.dk

By appointment only!

Come by and get told the anecdotes from Kay Bojesen’s life, hear the stories behind the great designs and receive assistance with your next purchase. Regardless of whether it is the award-winning Grand Prix cutlery, the iconic wooden figures, the KAY porcelain series, the Royal Guards or the VISTA vase you are interested in, we look forward to welcoming you to the showroom.


Stone moved into the majestic premises on Nikolaj Plads in central Copenhagen in 1993. From then on, the historic building has housed a beautiful hair salon with grand floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an unobstructed view of the St. Nicholas Church and the life on the charming cobblestones around the square. The name of the hairdressing salon originates from the great granite stone floating in the middle of the room on a pillar of light, which is impossible not to be impressed by, when stepping into the room.

Since then, Kay Bojesen has moved in and become a part of the unique combined hairdresser and Kay Bojesen shop. With its central location in the middle of Copenhagen’s exclusive shopping area, the store is definitely worth a visit. Kay Bojesen-interested guests from all over the world gather here to get a closer look and hear more about the story behind the iconic designs.

When you poke your head inside the shop, hairdresser Peter Rosenqvist, married to Kay Bojesen’s granddaughter, Sus Bojesen Rosenqvist, is always ready to explain and show off the classic designs, as well as the newer additions to Kay Bojesen’s assortment, which all originate from the silver archive.


From 1932 until 1990, Kay Bojesen had his shop and workshop in the basement at Bredgade 47 in central Copenhagen with a view of The Marble Church.

The shop was a mecca of figurines, wood, silverware and toys, and most often you would find Kay’s wife Erna behind the counter. Meanwhile, Kay was in the back room coming up with new ideas and products or playing with the grandchildren on the shop floor. When the youngest grandchild, Sus, became old enough, she started helping out in her grandfather’s workshop, and assisted her father, Otto Bojesen, with the quality control of the wooden figures, before eventually opening up her own shop with her grandfather’s designs.

Today, the view from the Kay Bojesen shop has changed to St. Nicholas Church, but the family is still a core part of carrying on the design heritage.