VISTA vase and candleholder in black coated stainless steel


Originally, VISTA was a silver candleholder designed by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s, and now it has been recreated in the modern and more affordable material, special steel. The steel has a thin black coating that allows the structure of the steel to shine through, giving it a silky lustre. Each of the candleholder’s cylinders contains an insert in which the candle or the flowers are placed.

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The flexibility of the candleholder allows for a varied and personal expression, leaving it up to you whether to use VISTA as merely a candleholder, a vase for seasonal flowers or a combination of both. VISTA’s look has endless variations, depending on usage and decoration.

The name VISTA is inspired by Erna and Kay Bojesen’s home at Bellavista, where the beautifully set terrace table was always adorned with a candle and a single flower from the garden.