Asparagus fork in polished steel


The asparagus fork was created by Kay Bojesen as a piece of cutlery specially made for serving asparagus, however, can also be used for many other purposes. The shape of the asparagus fork is created in the same characteristic style as the rest of the Grand Prix serving cutlery, being equally exclusive in expression and functional in use.

Kay Bojesen designed the asparagus fork as part of the Grand Prix cutlery series. It measures 20.5 cm in length and is made of polished stainless steel.

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Kay Bojesen asparagus fork

The asparagus fork from Kay Bojesen is a summer favourite in the Danish homes and cutlery drawers. It is named after its original function; to serve asparagus, which it is also extremely suitable for. This makes the asparagus fork an essential piece of serving cutlery during asparagus season, but also throughout the rest of the year, where it is just as practical for serving other things.

Fork for serving asparagus

The Danish white and green asparaguses are in season from the beginning of May and until midsummer. In this way, they mark the beginning of summer and is thus a festive food to eat. In addition to being easy to prepare, asparaguses are also easy to serve when having the right equipment at hand. The asparagus fork is an obvious choice for a piece of good serving cutlery, which deserves to have its permanent place in the summer house cutlery drawer.

Kay Bojesen’s asparagus fork has been specially developed for functionality. This is evident through its unique shape, which most accurately can be described as a combination of a cake server and a serving fork. The asparagus fork has three chubby tines, which can slide under the asparaguses with ease, when they are to be served from a flat dish. The arch of the fork provides support for balancing the vegetables onto the dinner plate.

Serving piece

The asparagus fork has a versatile nature, which means that it is also suitable for serving more than just asparagus. Any dish with a long silhouette, like asparagus, will naturally be no problem to handle with the serving fork, however, it the asparagus fork is equally suitable for dishes with meat, pasta and vegetables. When something sweet is going on the table, the asparagus fork can also be a well-suited alternative to the cake server to serve desserts.

Kay Bojesen’s recognisable, minimalist style

By having an asparagus fork in your collection of serving cutlery, you will be sure to attract attention amongst your guests at the dining table, when it is part of the table setting. The unique serving piece looks exclusive, stands out from the usual serving cutlery, simultaneously as it seems familiar, by look and feel, which makes it a popular cutlery piece. It gives the table setting a personal touch with its unique character. The fork is just as relevant now as it was back when it was originally designed.

Kay Bojesens recognisable, functionalistic style is clearly expressed through the Grand Prix asparagus fork, which consists of soft, rounded shapes. It can therefore easily be combined with the rest of the serving cutlery, as well as other serving dishes and plates.