Asparagus fork in matte steel


Kay Bojesen’s asparagus fork is a piece of cutlery made for serving asparagus, however, can be used for numerous different purposes. Its characteristic design is an extension of the rest of the Grand Prix serving cutlery, which combines an exclusive look with a high degree of functionality.

The asparagus fork is designed by Kay Bojesen and is part of the Grand Prix series. The fork is 20.5 cm long and made in matte stainless steel.

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Asparagus fork from the Grand Prix cutlery series

Kay Bojesen’s asparagus fork is a unique tool from the Grand Prix cutlery series, created as a tribute to the classic Danish summer and named after its primary function. As indicated by the name of the asparagus fork, the cutlery piece is a serving utensil tailored to handling asparagus. In this way, the fork is an indispensable part of the table setting during asparagus season, as well as during the remaining months of the year, where it can be used for a multitude of servings.

Serving cutlery shaped for functionality

The danish asparagus season, for both white and green asparagus, stretches from 1st of May until midsummer. This makes the asparagus one of the first signs of summer’s arrival, and a joyous food to eat, which is both easy to prepare and to serve, when having the right tools at hand. Kay Bojesen’s asparagus fork is thus a good choice for a cutlery piece that should be a permanent piece of inventory in all summer residences.

The shape of the asparagus fork is particularly adapted for its purpose. This is expressed through the unique silhouette, which can best be described as the marriage between a cake server and a serving fork. This exact shape was developed by Kay Bojesen to create an optimized piece of serving cutlery that can be used by itself and without help from additional pieces of cutlery.

The chubby fork tines can easily slide under the asparagus on a serving dish, where the width of the fork embraces the long vegetables. The particularly curved shape also offers good support when the long asparaguses must be balanced from dish to plate.

Fork for all servings of the year

Kay Bojesen’s versatility is also evident in the design of the asparagus fork, which, in addition to asparagus, is also extremely suitable for other servings. It is naturally works well for other foods with an asparagus-like shape, such as baked carrots, sausages, corn on the cob and vegetable skewers from the grill. The flat bottom of the asparagus fork means that it is well adapted for all dishes that are served on a flat plate.

Therefore, the asparagus fork is a good alternative to a round serving spoon, as it can better slide along the flat serving dish, under both fish, meat and vegetables for dinner, scrambled eggs for brunch, as well as the open-faced sandwiches for lunch. It is also a good alternative to a cake server when smaller pieces of dessert and snacks are to be served, as well as for pasta dishes, where the fork’s tines help grip the spaghetti, simultaneously as it scoops up both filling and sauce.

Minimalistic serving cutlery

Kay Bojesen’s asparagus fork is an exclusive and unique addition to the cutlery drawer. In contrast to the well-known serving pieces, such as a cake server, carving fork, salad cutlery and sauce spoons, the asparagus fork is not a commonly known serving piece. Still, Kay Bojesen’s asparagus fork easily blends in with the usual serving pieces, and quickly become an everyday favorite once you get to know it.