Dinner Fork in matt steel

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Matte stainless steel cutlery, 19 cm · Design: Kay Bojesen · Series: Grand Prix

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True to the Grand Prix series, the Dinner Knife’s simple design features key details. Kay Bojesen did not envision the Dinner Fork as merely a fork, but as a tool that spears the food on its tines and whose head can hold a small portion. A fork should be balanced and wide enough to hold something. It should allow the forefinger to apply pressure, while the knife does its work in the other hand. The Dinner Fork has a gentle, curving handle, held between the fore and middle finger and steadied by the thumb.  The Dinner Fork’s four tines are quite deep so as to hold a lot and separated by subtle slots that are particularly useful when sauce is on the menu.

The outermost tines are slightly wider to protect against bending. Kay Bojesen squared the tines to prevent injury to the mouth or plate. The fork is a marvel of functionality.

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