Dinner knife in matt steel


Matt stainless steel cutlery, 19,5 cm · Design: Kay Bojesen · Series: Grand Prix

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Kay Bojesen’s Dinner Knife is the only piece of the Grand Prix series that is different from the silverware. All silver knives are two-piece as a blade made of silver would be too soft, so the handle is always made of silver and the blade of steel. Transforming the Grand Prix cutlery from silver to steel offered an opportunity to cast the knife in one piece.

Kay Bojesen envisioned a Dinner Knife that was no bigger than it could fit into any hand – big or small. The knife may feel shorter than other dinner knives, but again, this is deliberate, so that the knife fits well into the palm. This way, the hand controls the knife and not vice versa.

A knife should feel weighty but not heavy. The fingers should rest on the handle instead of rotating it. The blade is curved so the entire blade is used for cutting, and the little notch helps the forefinger guide the knife.  The Dinner Knife is not a steak knife; however, the serrated blade enables it to cut smoothly through any piece of meat.