“Everyone deserves great design”

Kay Bojesen was constantly rethinking shapes, materials, and the use of objects, and he mast- ered multiple materials, among them silver, wood, glass, melamine, tin, steel, and porcelain. During his career, Kay managed to design and put more than 2000 objects into production. This is an impressive 2.6 new designs per week. Kay himself stated that his biggest concern was “… that I have a terrible difficult time keeping my initiative in check”.

Even though Kay Bojesen created most of his designs in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, his craftsmanship still brings joy to this day. Kay’s ability to think ahead of his time, to welcome new trends, and to stay true to his functionalistic and simple line of thought, has resulted in his craftsmanship becoming iconic symbols of Danish design.

Kay Bojesen Cutlery