Serving board in ash wood


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The serving board in ash tree is, like the porcelain plates, a development of the Kay Bojesen tray in silver. The serving board measures 300 mm in diameter and 15 mm in height.

The butter knife from Kay Bojesen’s award-winning Grand Prix cutlery series has a small, rounded tip, is firmly in hand and is perfect for both butter, soft cheeses and cold cuts.

Maintenance of the Kay Bojesen serving board

The Kay Bojesen serving board is made of ash tree, and can, like all untreated tree “rise” a bit, when in contact with water for the first time.

If the tree feels a bit different when getting washed, do not fear – and do the following:

Use a regular sponge and scour the tree until it feels as smooth as before.

You might need to repeat this procedure, next time you are washing your serving board.

An extra trick for your maintaining your serving board:

 If your serving board feels dry, apply a little bit of vegetable oil to the tree. Do not do this if the board is wet. Dry off the excess oil and leave the board to dry for a couple of days.

 To avoid smell, use a lemon and some salt. Pour a spoonful of the salt on the board and rub half a lemon over the surface for a minute. Rinse with warm water.  

 If you do this regularly, you will enjoy using your serving board for many years to come!