Travel Set

68 48

The Travel set contains Kay Bojesen’s Lunch Knife and Fork and the Small Dessert Spoon, measuring 18, 17 and 15 cm respectively.
It comes in a box carrying the Kay Bojesen logo, which is easy to clean after use.

Travel Set in matt steel
68 48
Travel Set in polished steel
68 48

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Delivery time 4-10 workdays

Kay Bojesen’s Travel Set is a small handy box that fits easily into your bag, pocket, backpack, or you can keep it in your car. This way, you will always have your favourite cutlery to hand when you need to eat on the fly or on the job.
The box contains the three Grand Prix pieces: the Lunch Knife, the Lunch Fork and the Small Dessert Spoon.
The Travel Set is available in matte or polished stainless steel.

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