Handle Spoon in matt steel


For Kay Bojesen, there was no such thing as easy solutions. The functionalist in him was always searching for the perfect design; not for the design in itself but for the function. He studied his own son Otto’s fledgling attempts at handling the large cutlery and saw him reaching for things and using his hands as tools, and he applied these observations to the Loop Handle Spoon. Its short, looped handle makes it easy for the child to eat porridge by itself. When the child outgrows the Loop Handle Spoon, it can be used for measuring tea, adorning the sugar bowl or making nice, round scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Delivery with UPS or FEDEX

Delivery time 4-10 workdays

Toddlers will reach for things and put them in their mouths. Having understood that, the shape just becomes a matter of encouragement.

Matte stainless steel cutlery, 9 cm

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