Lunch cutlery set, 12 pcs


The Grand Prix lunch set consists of cutlery for four persons, including a lunch spoon, fork and knife, measuring respectively 17, 17 and 18 cm. The cutlery is available in both matte and polished steel and is packaged in a canvas bag made of 100% cotton.


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Delivery time 2-7 workdays

Lunch cutlery from Kay Bojesen

The lunch set consists of a spoon, knife and fork for four persons, designed in a versatile and practical size, created by Kay Bojesen as part of the Grand Prix series. The cutlery pieces are created with the same silhouette as the dinner cutlery, however, slightly smaller. Another difference is that the lunch knife does not have the same serrated edge as the dinner knife, because it is typically not to be used for large meals with meat, but more often for a sandwich or a rich salad. Nevertheless, its function is not compromised by this, and together with the spoon and fork, you can easily get through breakfast, lunch and dessert without any problems.

Cutlery for breakfast, lunch and dessert

All the cutlery from the lunch set is suitable for lunch as well as breakfast and dessert due to their versatile size. Therefore, do not hesitate buying the lunch cutlery set as a popular and functional supplement to your dinner cutlery. Use the lunch set for all the other meals during the day or use it together with the dinner cutlery when several dishes are to be served. The lunch cutlery not only looks beautiful and delicate on the table, but is a practical size for both old and young members of the family.